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DC Drive

Victor DC Drives are built with one single point in mind - Reliablity with virtual elimination of most common causes of failure. These drives can be used as components in your panels. In addition, several new innovative  features allow a much enhanced performance from your system.Drive available are 1/2 to 5 HP in single phase 220V Armature, upto 10 HP in phase to phase supply 360/380V Armature, and in 3 phase from 3 HP to 30 HP 440V Armature, all as service plate with consistent NC punched/drilled mounting holes.Amongst the types of contr

Eddy Current Drive

Victor Eddy Current Drivers are totally enclosed, Fan cooled (TEFC), flange type three phase sqiurrel cage induction motor, mounted on to an eddy current clutch having self ventilated common frame design, No physical contact between motor and clutch results in smooth response and longer equipment life. These drivers oprate on ac power supply and provides constant torque at variable speeds over a wide range.Victor Eddy Current AC adjustable speed drives are most effective solutions to almost every industrial application as required in Plastic Ma